Frequently Asked


Why should I take a course from Unlearn Academy?

I believe that every person is born with brilliance, unfortunately, if you do not fit the mold of the traditional school model, oftentimes that brilliance gets overlooked.  At Unlearn Academy our goal is to help students use their strengths to work on achieving high school credits all while working on finding their passions and using them to become more confident in themselves.


How do I enroll?

Students and parents are asked to fill out this form in order to have a meeting with Rebecca to discuss the course options, make sure that this online course is right for them and then will be provided with a link to enroll in the course through Project Jaguar, the school Learning Management System.


How does my completed course get onto my transcript?

Since Unlearn Academy does not issue OSSDs, a report card will be sent to the student’s home school where the mark will be entered onto their transcript.  A copy of the report card is to be kept in the student OSR (Ontario Student Record).


Do you send marks to OUAC / OCAS?

Yes, we can send marks at midterm and finals.  Students will need to provide their OUAC / OCAS number to Unlearn Academy with a request for this to be done.


How are lessons delivered?

Students will be expected to meet face to face virtually with their teacher and other students in the class weekly, they will use Project Jaguar (Learning Management System) to follow instructions.  Students will also be expected to use social media to chronicle their learning.  


What type of equipment will I need?

You will need a computer, tablet or a cellphone with high-speed internet.


  • A PC running Windows XP or higher or
  • A Mac running OS X or
  • A Chromebook running Chrome OS
  • 2GB of RAM
  • High-speed internet connection
  • A sound card with speakers or headphones
  • A functional webcam and microphone


  • G-Suite
  • Students must have or create a Gmail account
  • Students will be required to use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook


  • Mozilla Firefox4 or higher or
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher or
  • Safari 5 or higher or
  • Google Chrome 11 or higher


Are there final exams?

No, there will not be a traditional final exam.  Students will be expected to complete a 30% summative that chronicles their learning throughout the semester.

Can a student switch courses?

If an appropriate course is available then yes they will be able to do one course switch.  This can only be done within the first 7 days.


How is attendance taken?

Students will be expected to have a face to face virtual meeting once a week with their teacher.  They will be required to log in at least twice a week to work on course work. As well, students’ attendance will be tracked by their online presence, with the expectation that they are chronicling their work once a day (5 posts a week).


How long do the courses take?

Unlearn Academy courses will follow the semestered school year. 

Semester 1 September – January

Semester 2 February – June

Summer Reach Ahead – July


What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately due to full access to the courses at the point of enrollment, refunds are not available.


What happens if I withdraw from a course?

For Grade 11 and 12 courses, all withdrawals are recorded on the Ontario Student Transcript (OST) UNLESS a student withdraws before the midterm point of the course or within 5 hours of log in time following the midterm point.

The withdrawal will be recorded on the OST by entering a “W” in the “Credit” column, and the percentage grade at the time of the withdrawal will be recorded in the “Grade column”.