It’s Time For Change

Our current education model, created for the time of the industrial revolution has not changed or kept up with our ever-evolving world. It is time to shake things up and teach our young people how to use the technologies of the 21st century along with how to use their voices to make a difference in their world.

All courses at Unlearn Academy will offer a model that focuses on working on global competencies that are required to be successful in our ever-changing world of work. These include critical thinking and problem solving, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, learning to learn/self-awareness and self-direction, collaboration, communication, global citizenship, and sustainability.

Unlearn Academy believes in and values public education. The intention is not to replace the current system but to add and enhance, create an opportunity for students to work on skills that they may not have the opportunity to do in their home schools. Courses are offered by Unlearn Academy in parallel with student's home school, credits count towards graduation at their school.

Students will work on things that matter to them by finding issues in their world that break their hearts, they will research those issues in-depth, they will create solutions to those problems, they will connect and network with people in their communities and they will implement their solutions and make a difference.

They will become social change makers.

Rebecca Chambers

Founder, Unlearn Academy

My Why

Our public education system is one of the best in the world and I believe in it wholeheartedly.  However, in any big institution change can take some time, and while change is being made, it is not being made quickly enough for my own children.  With our ever changing world I want my own children to have the opportunity to work on Global Competencies that are needed in our modern world.

  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship
  • learning to learn/self-awareness and self-direction
  • collaboration
  • communication
  • global citizenship and sustainability

This is why I’m proud to present Unlearn Academy, an online community connected school for the next generation of social change makers.

Hear From Students

“Mrs. Chamber’s classes are not typical classes, although her teaching techniques and classroom structure was definitely the best teaching I have ever had. I was very shy and didn’t think outside the box until Mrs. Chambers taught me. She let us choose the topics we truly wanted to learn about, which wasn’t easy because most of us didn’t know what we were passionate about (it took me 2 years of her classes to even begin figuring out what I was passionate about). She not only let us figure out what we truly loved, but she taught us how to work independently, how to work in real-world situations, and that failure is key for any success.

I believe I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t had been taught by Mrs. Chambers; she has shaped me into a mature young adult. I am now not afraid to take charge, not afraid to ask for help, not afraid to fail, but most important she has taught me that following what you love is the most important thing. Mrs. Chambers will be the one teacher from high school I can say with confidence truly prepared me for the real world. I learned more in her classes than I have in all of highschool; I am so successful in my university journey because she prepared me for what life would be like.”
Haley Foy, First Year Ottawa U Human Kinetics

I’ve started my own company called Downright Dyslexic which I started as a way to provide support and guidance for people with dyslexia, families with dyslexia, teachers, or anyone wanting to learn more. I’ve launched my own website, write weekly blog posts, and have gotten several inquiries for speaking events from Ontario to Alberta.

I believe that without Mrs. Chambers class I wouldn’t of had the confidence or any idea of how to start something like this without her being there to show me how I can get my opinion out there and reach so many people with the use of social media. She also promoted standing up for what you believed in and making changes to better our society and her influence gave me motivation to do what I’m doing now and I can never thank her enough for believing in me. Check out her blog here 

– Fiona Milligan Second Year Old’s College , Sports and Management Business

“Mrs Chambers teaching methods helped develop me into the hard-working, passionate student that I am today. The unique structure and set up of the classes allowed me to go off and branch out to figure out how I learn best, this has helped me in so many different aspects of my life. For instance, I’ve had my university professors be completely in awe of the fact I can successfully conduct inquiry-based learning.

I feel as if I can think and problem solve on a deeper level whether it be in or outside of the classroom. I was able to complete classroom assignments/projects with greater success as I was able to choose what I wanted to learn about; I learnt about things I was passionate about. For example, my classmates and I decided to create care packages to help the homeless within our community. Through inquiry-based learning we educated ourselves on an issue we were passionate about and created something to help make a positive impact on someone suffering from homelessness. The structure of the classroom may not be traditional, but in my opinion, this is what allows the students to excel. I will forever be grateful for the time I spent with Mrs Chambers as she made an everlasting impact on my life” 
– Raeleigh Mooij, Second Year Marshall University, Health Sciences and Sports Management

Mrs.Chambers’s classes were definitely some of my favourite ones that I took in highschool. Even though I did not realize it at the time, I really enjoyed how we were pushed out of our comfort zone in her classes. We were able to learn what we wanted, how we wanted in whichever way suited us and our learning capabilities best. Students had full control over their learning and always had the guidance of Mrs. Chambers if we got stuck. I enjoyed the environment of the classroom as it was completely stress-free and welcoming. The structure of the class could be intimidating to some as we are asked to learn in a way that we never thought we would be asked to, although it was one of the best experiences I had in high school. 

I was able to use my strengths and passions to conduct most of my projects as I was determined and excited to work on them every single day in class. Unlike an ordinary class, we wouldn’t be forced to learn what was on the schedule for the day. We as students were allowed to work on what we needed/wanted to on our specific projects to be successful. Every day was filled with successes and failures, although it did not matter that much. I was passionate about all my projects and wanted them to succeed even with setbacks. Mrs. Chambers believed, encouraged and supported my fellow classmates and I in whatever we were learning in her classroom.

Mrs. Chambers and her classes have given me skills that I do not think I would have been exposed to in an ordinary classroom. Her classes have taught me a great amount of organization, responsibility, resilience and collaboration. I have also been able to conduct projects that I was able to use on my resume and help with post-secondary applications.
Jaclyn O’Brien, Bishops University, Secondary Education and Social Studies

“Action and adaptability create opportunity.”

Garrison Wynn